Automatic deposit of employee payroll will streamline your payroll operations, increase productivity and save you money. Your employees will appreciate the safety, reliability and convenience of direct deposits.

The Scheduler offers several methods to easily prepare your EFT payroll file.

  • 'fast posting' the amounts to your employee information maintained by The Scheduler.
  • Import transactions from an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Import transactions from ACH (American Clearing House) standard file created by your US accounting system.
  • Custom import routine we've developed for your specific needs.

The Scheduler will automatically email remittance notifications to your employees using our seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook or any MAPI email client.


Benifits to your organization:

  • Eliminate cheque preparation and distribution to your employees.
  • Employees know their pay is in their personal personal accounts on time.
  • Payment notifications automatically emailed to your employees.
  • Detailed reports.