30 Day Trial Version

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30 Day Trial Version

A 30 day trial version of The Scheduler can be requested by completing the form via the link on our web site:

Download a Trial Version

The trial version is fully functional with only the following restrictions:

Only one (1) credit folder can be created. There is no limit on the number of client and transaction entries.

Only one (1) debit folder can be created.

The transmission EFT file can be created. However, the formatting will be invalid and the file will be rejected by the bank.

We encourage you to use actual client information for testing The Scheduler. All transaction information entered into the trial version will be retained on purchasing a license.

You are hereby licensed to make as many copies of the Trial Version as you wish and distribute it to anyone provided that all files are intact. You must distribute the install form of the Trial Version (the original installation file, not the files resulting of an installation). You are not allowed to sell the Trial Version. Please send us an information message each time you distribute the Trial Version by sending us an email from the Contact Us panel in The Scheduler.

Trial Version

The trial version displays a flashing reminder on the status bar of the number of days left to test drive The Scheduler. If you like what you see, Purchase The Scheduler and Activate The Scheduler.