Activating The Scheduler

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Activating The Scheduler

Step 1

To activate The Scheduler, click on the flashing message on the status bar or navigate to the App Information task panel.

Trial Version

Step 2

Click on the Activate The Scheduler button on the Task Panel. The Windows Navigation Dialog form will open. Locate the "Scheduler.DAT" activation key file we emailed to you. The dialog window will only display the file named Scheduler.DAT. The sample screen shot below indicates the file is in a folder named "Utilities" on this computer. Select the file and click the Open button...


and ... you'll get the following instructions.


Note: The Scheduler does some housekeeping and moves the Scheduler.DAT file from the location you indicated to find it.

Step 3

The Scheduler is now activated and will display your registered organization name, user and serial number on the Logging On splash screen.