Client List

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Client List

Note: Access to this report is restricted. See the Access Control matrix for more information.

Click the Reports > Client List category button sequence.



Select the Folder(s) to list clients.


Select the desired format of the report

Short List by Reference Number

Short List by Search Name

Full List by Reference Number

Full List by Search Name


If a Full list option is selected..




Enter a client Reference Number if you only want a single client entry.





Obfuscate or Display Account Numbers.


Create a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file that can be read by Microsoft Excel. See the sample below.

Sample CSV file rows:


"A02375","Carl Arsenault",20014,9174,"09083106566",41.00,"Monthly",2016-04-01,2017-03-01

"A02375","Carl Arsenault",20014,9174,"09083106566",100.00,"Monthly",2016-01-01

"A04494","Sheila Arpin",04883,0110,"7026859",49.00,"Monthly",2013-09-01,2013-09-01