Create the EFT File

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Create the EFT File

Prepare - EFT Ready

The Create EFT File button and EFT format radio buttons are enabled only if you've reviewed the Transmission Detail Report.


If there are errors or omissions in the batch, click the Erase Batch task button and make your corrections. No client information is altered or deleted.


If all is correct, click the Create EFT File task button. The Scheduler does the following:


1.creates the bank specific EFT file in the format selected.

2.creates a history record of each transaction in the EFT file for this file creation number.

3.increments the file creation number for each folder selected.

4.creates a companion Excel CSV (Comma Separated Value) file. See specifics below.

The last step in the EFT file preparation is to optionally prepare and send EFT Notifications to your clients.

Second Important Note: User knowledge of navigating Windows file folders is required to locate the EFT transmit file created.

The Scheduler creates an Excel CSV (Comma Separated Value) file in the EFT folder location indicated on the "Transmission Detail Report". The file name is EXP-{eft file name}.CSV where {eft file name} is printed on the report.


"A03940","Ahuja","Andrew",52.50,"Last Payment"

Contact Us if you require additional information in the file. We can write a "custom export" routine to match your specifications.