EFT - Payroll / Expenses

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EFT - Payroll / Expenses

If you are using The Scheduler to create  EFT batches for employee payroll, a/p vendor payments, expense disbursements, etc. where the amounts and payment dates regularly change... this is the method for you. See the Employee Setup - Payroll, Fast Posting sections and the Creating payroll/AP EFT files tutorial for more information.

Prepare - Payroll

Alter the drop down selection lists. The Scheduler assists by checking the folder type and your preferences selected when you defined the EFT File Information setup.


In the sample here:

Select transactions from your client information in The Scheduler Client Information.

Examine the Period Amount and if it's greater than $0.00 include the transaction in the batch and ...

... set the Due Date to Apr-01-2017.


When all is ready, click the Prepare Batch task button. The Scheduler grinds through each folder selected and:

displays a summary of the task.

changes and opens up the next task button options.




Note: The form below will display if the user clicks the EFT Preparation task button and there is an EFT Tasks category button and an previously prepared batch exists.

Prepare - Payroll Ready

Erase Batch:

After previewing the batch, you discover there are errors in your client transactions, simply click the Erase Batch task button; make your corrections and repeat the process. No information is altered or deleted from The Scheduler.

EFT File:

If the EFT Filename Format is set to the "Default" on the EFT File Information form, you can modify the entry.

Note: Changes are posted to the configuration file.

Preview Report:

Change the sort and display options as required and click the Preview Report task button.
Note: The Create EFT File task button will only be enabled after you have reviewed your batch contents.

Now... Preview the Batch Results and verify the batch selection contents.