EFT File Information

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EFT File Information

Click the Tools > Organization Setup category buttons and the EFT File Information tab to display the panel. This information is usually entered when doing the Quick Start Tutorial and referred to again only if your requirements change.


EFT Inforrmation

EFT Inforrmation -2

Scheduler assigned EFT Transmit File Name,


Receiving Centre:

If required, your bank will provide you with this 5 digit number, The Location field entry is optional.

Transmit File Name:

This is the EFT file created by The Scheduler to upload to your bank.

User defined file name. The Scheduler will always use this name and overwrite the file for each EFT cycle.

The Scheduler defined. The Scheduler will assign a file name in the format "YY-MM-DD HHMM NNNN.TXT". Date/Time/EFT File number.

The file location is set on the User Preferences panel.

Daily Limit:

This is the dollar amount limit in your EFT transmit file. A $0 entry implies there is no limit.

File Format:

Select the EFT file format recommended by your bank. See note at bottom of this page for Royal Bank setup.

Prepare Method:

From Scheduler - the app will use the client transaction information your have entered.

Scheduler Import - read import file(s) as per the Import Specifications.

ACH Import - read ACH (American Clearing House) EFT file(s) created by another application.

Custom Import - If RB Anderson Ltd. has provided your organization with a plug-in to read your specific files, this option will be enabled.

Prepare Date:

Choose the default date range for the EFT Tasks.

File Upload Location:

Enter the WWW address provided by your bank to sign on to their EFT services. The Scheduler will launch your default internet browser to the URL (Universal Resource Locator) entered.

Import File Information:

This information is only required if your are using The Scheduler to create EFT transmit files from external data files. See the Import Specifications for more information.



Royal Bank users may require a header record to be included in the EFT file. Check with your business banking representative about this requirement.