Employee Setup - Payroll

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Employee Setup - Payroll

Folder Setup

Using The Scheduler for payroll, accounts payables, expense disbursements, etc. where the period amount changes each cycle and due dates are often different days of the moth is very straight forward.

The first step is to configure the Folder Information to inform The Scheduler of the requirements. Complete the entry of all your Folder information as outlined in Creating an EFT folder tutorial with the following alteration:


Zero Amounts

Set the Zero Amounts field to Yes.

Client Setup

This tells The Scheduler that the clients in this folder do not have a fixed Due Date. The date of the transactions will be set in the when EFT - Payroll / Expenses batches are prepared. The transaction Period Amount will be reset to $0.00 after the EFT file is created. Enter your client information as outlined in the Adding clients and transactions tutorial.



See the Fast Posting section for entering the Period Amounts each payment cycle.