Network Setup

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Network Setup

The Scheduler setup is installed in three segments:

1.The actual application and required modules are installed on the "Local C" drive in the Windows protected folders as recommended by Microsoft.

2.The DATA segment is completely separate from the Windows protected folders. These folders may be moved to a network drive. The location of the DATA segment can be determined by examining the "Start In" location of the desktop shortcut that starts The Scheduler or printing the System Status Report.

3.The Help System, EFT Transmit Files, backup files, and PDF reports reside in the user's "My Documents" \RBA sub folder. Unless there's a specific reason for your configuration, we recommend leaving this area where it has been set up.



Our recommended method is to MOVE the entire "Start In" folder to a network drive. In the sample here, C:\ProgramData\RBA\MyBank to the selected shared drive... (i.e. X:\Finance\RBA\MyBank). Using this method provides an additional level of security by ensuring only specific work stations have the necessary modules to access the encrypted data files.


Data Dir


The final step is to change the desktop shortcut "Start In" location to match the shared network drive location. Using the example X:\Finance\RBA\MyBank.  Note: If the network location has spaces in the description, the "Start In" location must be surrounded by double quotes ("). For example "X:\Finance\Common Location\RBA\MyBank".

... That's it!

To set up second and subsequent work stations to access the shared data, run the install program on the work station. Change the "Data Location" to the shared drive location (i.e. X:\Finance\RBA\MyBank). The installer will not overwrite the existing data base setup.