About The Scheduler

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About The Scheduler

The Scheduler is a standalone EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) file creation utility. The Scheduler is a Microsoft Windows application that prepares and creates EFT files in the required formats specified by each bank.

Initially, The Scheduler was developed to debit a specified amount from clients (i.e. club membership dues) on a regular schedule, such as the 15th of the month, starting May 15, 2016 for the next 24 months, hence the application name. The Scheduler Version 11 has evolved from the original DOS version to accommodate  a very broad range of processing requirements.

Frequencies can be monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, weekly, bi-weekly, specified months or 28 day cycles.

Multiple transactions can be created for each client.

Due dates may be set for Payroll/Expense or Accounts Payable processing. See the Employee Setup - Payroll for guidance.

EFT Notifications can be prepared; printed and emailed to your clients.

All reports are first Previewed, then can be printed or saved as a PDF document.


The Scheduler has a built in import facility to read Excel CSV (Comma Separated Value) text files. See the Import Specifications for more information on this feature. We have also developed "custom" import routines to read files from various accounting systems.