EFT Reconciliation

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EFT Reconciliation

Reconciling an EFT file informs The Scheduler of the status of transactions in the EFT file. The entire batch may be deleted or selected transactions can be flagged as returned items.

Click the EFT Tasks > EFT Reconciliation sequence to display the panel. Select the desired Folder(s) and click the Refresh task button to populate the list. The list box has the most recent EFT file first.

Note: Transactions that have not been posted as successfully processed by your bank will not be included in the Client Transaction Receipts or Client Donation Tax Receipts reports.


Folder List:

Select the folder(s) to search for posted EFT transactions.

Transmit File Status Filter:

Toggle the filter to scan for posted or unposted history.

File List:

Click the refresh button to generate the list of selected files. The newest file will be at the top of the list,.

Action Task Buttons:

Post the history or delete the history for this EFT file.

Selected File Summary:

A preview of the transaction information in the EFT file.

Transaction Grid:

Displays the transactions in the EFT file and the status. Double click on a row to change the state.

See the Reconciling EFT uploads tutorial for more information.