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Reports Menu

Click the Reports category button to display the list of reports available in The Scheduler.


Selecting a report will display the appropriate parameter list. Click the Preview Report button when the cafeteria filters have been entered.


All reports prepared in The Scheduler are displayed on a preview screen. The tool bar buttons on the preview screen are explained below.


Reports may be saved in the Adobe PDF document format. Opening these documents require a PDF viewer, such as the free one provided by Adobe. Click this link to download a copy if required.


Note: Some reports require the correct user authorization level. See the Access Control matrix for more information.


Preview - Header

The Report Preview header.


Print: Opens the Windows dialog to set the options for a selected printer.


Save: Opens the Windows dialog to setup the options for saving the report as a PDF document.


eMail as Attachment: Several reports can be eMailed to your clients. The System Status Report can be sent to RB Anderson Ltd.


Zoom In: Each click increments the displayed image by 10%.


Zoom Out: Each click decrements the displayed image by 10%


Fit Width: Will force the page view to display as the width of the panel.


Full Page: Will force the page view to display as the height of the panel.


First Page: Go to the first page of the report displayed.


Previous Page: Go to the previous page of the report displayed.


Next Page: Go to the next page of the report displayed.


Last Page: Go to the last page of the report displayed.

Zoom %

User specified zoom percent.

Go to Page

Enter the page to display.


Close: Close the report preview form. Pressing the <ESC> key will also close the form.