Reprint Notifications

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Reprint Notifications

Note: Access to this report is restricted. See the Access Control matrix for more information.

Click the Reports > Reprint Notifications category button sequence.



Select the Folder(s) to list clients.


File Number - The Scheduler will locate the last EFT file created. Change as required.


Click the Prepare task button to take you to the next step outlined below.



The intuitive panel allows you to change the notification output; change the default eMail subject; and add a personal note to printed on all the notifications.
Note: the eMail check box option will only be available if your client email address has been entered in the Client Information.  

If you are using Microsoft Outlook, The Scheduler has a secure connection to allow:


Queue the emails in Outlook. You must "Send" each one.


Allow Outlook to send the emails with no user intervention.


When your setup is complete, click the Run task button.