Restore EFT World

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Restore EFT World

Note: Only Administrator and EFT Supervisor type users have access to this module.

Click the Tools > Maintenance > App Environment category button sequence then the Restore EFT World tab.


Backup Location:

Change the location to find your backup(s) as required by clicking on the ellipsis button and navigating to the folder with The Scheduler backups.

Backup Set Grid:

The list of backups at the specified location. Highlight the row you wish to restore. Note: Version 10 backups can be restored.


Right click on a row, and you can delete the backup file selected.

Restore Now:

Run the task. The Scheduler will confirm that the process has been completed.


Replace Key


If you are restoring a Version 11 backup you will be asked if you wish to replace the current activation key. This feature ensures that if you are moving your setup to a new computer, your current registration information is restored into the "Trial" version installed on the new computer.

Replace Key Restart

The Scheduler will close if you chose to replace the current activation key.


Restart the app with the new registration information.