Update History

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Update History

We will regularly release free maintenance updates for Version 11. These updates will resolve annoying problems our users have found or fix some bone-headed mistakes we've made.

Version 11.2.1

Implement the option to have The Scheduler randomize the EFT file name. See the EFT File Information section.

Provide the option to hide the PST/HST and GST tax information on the Client Information form and several reports.

properly post changes in Active/Inactive status on the Client Information form.

Resolve folder selection problem if there are two account folders during the Create the EFT File procedure.

Connect the Reprint Notifications to the reports menu... D'Oh!

Allow keyboard entry for the directory location of Backups, Reports, Help and Notifications rather than using the Windows folder navigation dialog.

Fix anomaly applying the activation key. See Activating The Scheduler.

Ensure V10 backups restored don't overwrite Version 11 configuration files.

Repair error caused printing Client Transaction Receipts and Client Donation Tax Receipts reports.

Resolve "Access Violation" errors on not properly closing layers navigating the Tools menu options.

Version 11.2.2

Refresh EFT Folders description on changes entered.

Fix anomaly on "Set Due Date" calendar option in the Creating payroll/AP EFT files procedure.

Fix anomaly displaying the App Environment.

Reinstate check box to include the RBC Header Record on the EFT File Information form.

Reset the Fast Posting toggle on the EFT Transaction end-of-file condition.

Version 11.2.3

Enable the "Custom Import" radio button on the EFT File Information form.

Remove negative amounts on the Reprint Transmission Detail Report.

Correct the "Print" button status on reports when only one EFT folder in the application.

Re-instate option to update all File Creation Numbers if a new folder is created.

Fix print routine to allow multiple copies.

Verify URL entry for bank upload location to submit EFT files on the EFT File Information form.

Automatically launch the default browser to the bank URL in the Create the EFT File process.

 Version 11.2.4

Fix errors to changes of Account Privacy and Daily Limit not posting.

Fix anomaly of grayed out EFT Reconciliation tab if only one folder in the application.

For clarity, change the "Cancel" button caption to "Skip" during the EFT Notifications process.

Version 11.2.5

Remove scaling from all forms to ignore user selected font size changes for Windows.

Change the way EFT Notifications are processed to fix problem of the process stopping if a large number of notifications to be emailed.

Ensure the "Reference Number" field is blank on a new client entry.

Fix running the automatic backup routine and clear the processed batch at the end of the EFT Preparation preparation task. The problem was created by changing the "Cancel" notifications to "Skip" the process.

Fix the error of folder passwords not posting in Folder Information entry.

Version 11.2.6

Resolve error created in using the Outlook Security Manager preparing EFT Notifications.

Version 11.2.7

Correct data entry formatting error on File Number for reports.

Fix error creating a new client transaction if at the end of the file.

Adjust calendaring for transactions with a 30th or 31st "Due Day" on EFT Preparation for those months with less than the days entered in the Client Information form.

Introduce font scaling to honour Windows font scaling setup.

An Adobe PDF version of this manual can be downloaded from our Amazon Web Services (AWS) site by clicking on this link.

Version 11.2.8

Anchor client and transaction grids on the Client Information form to "rubber band" when resizing form to display more rows.

Correct "Access Violation" error when entering the Help form caused by font scaling introduced in 11.2.7.

Version 11.2.9

Allow user to enter the number of "Periods" and let The Scheduler calculate the "End Date" or let the user enter the "End Date" value on the Client Information form.

Allow user to change the EFT Transmit file name in the EFT Preparation task.

Allow user to enter "EFT File Location" on the User Preferences form rather than using the ellipsis button to navigate to the location. Implement this feature on the Application Libraries form for the Help, Reports and Notifications folders.  

Version 11.3.1

Print the "Due Date" on each page of the Preview the Batch Results Report and the Reprint Transmission Detail Report.

Fix anomaly of double clicking transaction grid to update the selected row after posting a client update on the Client Information form.

Correct display if last backup deleted on the Restore EFT World form.

Display a more informative error message instead of the nasty "Access Violation" when no data base found starting The Scheduler.

Ensure no entry with a blank Client ID posted on the Client Information form.

Display the full path and file name when Importing Transactions in the "Prepare" process.

Version 11.3.2

Modify contents and blocking factor on IAT ACH 94 format file for CIBC version.

Add Start Date and End Date entry lines on the PAC/PAD Authorization Form for Debit transactions.

Ensure "Preview Report" is disabled immediately when clicked in the EFT Preparation process to prevent error if clicking the button again causing a report writer error.

Version 11.3.3

Display "Selected Transaction Tab" by default on the Client Information form.

Post missing transaction information to the export CSV file generated in the EFT Preparation task.. This applies to the ATB, Bank of America, EFT Canada, HSBC, Scotia and TD versions.

Version 11.3.4

Fix anomaly of app crashing if value overflow creating hash totals in the EFT Preparation process occurs.

Ensure redisplay of enabled states on the navigator bar on the Client Information form is correct after posting or canceling edits.

generate this help file with new version of software used.

Version 11.3.5

Provide the option to replace the existing registration key when a Version 11 backup is selected on the Restore EFT World  tab.

Update some help system elements for clarity and consistency.

Version 11.3.6

It's worked for years, but the Reprint Transmission Detail Report started acting up if full path to the report file was not provided.