Version Updates

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Version Updates

The Scheduler Component Updates - Easy as 1-2-3

The Scheduler "phones home" each time it is started and checks to see if any updates are available. These updates are free for the current "major" release. For example, all registered users of Version 11 should download the no charge update.

The status bar flashes information about the available updates.



1.Click on the flashing Updates available message of navigate the Tools > App Information category buttons. The Scheduler indicates the component updates available.

2.Click the Download Updates task button to start the process.
If the Help System check box is ticked, The Scheduler fetches the new version and changes the box state when done. Access to the updated help is now available.

3.The Scheduler closes when a version update is available and our update routine is started.


click the Start Download button


click Restart The Scheduler

The downloaded files are being copied to Windows "protected" folders, so be sure to allow Windows to Continue with the task.

That's it... the upgrade process is done!